The Guest Chef’s Table

DSCN2430To those who know me, I’m known as the “People’s Chef”. Born the last of twelve siblings, I am the first to make my mother’s love of food and people my very own passion in life. I am Louisiana born, “The Big Easy” to be exact, my culinary journey started at a very young age.

I am disciplined in the cuisines of Northern Italian and Southwest” Tex-Mex”. My deeper roots in creole cuisine have brought renowned recognition in four countries, three islands, many states, towns, and cities.  I’ve been blessed with the honor of cooking for world ambassadors, leaders, and a host of entertainers.

My favorite pastimes are reading, cooking, fishing, and being with my family and close circle of friends.  I especially enjoy preparing the best foods for the needy in my neighborhood.  Dear to my heart are my wife, children, friends I’ve met around the world, and the many memories of my loving mother (Love you Weezy!).  I remember the words of my teacher, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, ” You must learn how to eat to live”.

Your Brother and Friend,
Chef Eriell Muhammad






Ariells Fresh Baked is the home of the original supreme bean pie, handmade cookies, specialty cakes, and now… serving organic artisan breads.

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Because of the many request for Our New Biodegradable Baking container, we are making it available to entrepreneurs who are producing a Supreme Product for their customers.