Biodegradable Baking Containers

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All natural bio-degradable baking container

New Biodegradable Baking Container

Thank you for considering our New Biodegradable Baking Container. It’s a big decision to make changes in your production. Our Biodegradable Pie Pan has a wonderful appeal, and a lasting durability while freezing, baking, or while in mass production. We are happy to say that it helps your customers to “Make a Healthier Choice” for themselves and their families.

Aluminum baking pans has been the norm for years when it comes to baking, and especially in large production Houses.

(Effects of aluminum pans) Aluminum exposures have raised some health concerns due to the effects of aluminum on the human nervous system and the much discussed (but inconclusive) linkages between aluminum exposures and Alzheimer’s disease.

But now, with much research and development, those problems have been solved.

The solution is now available, and we want you to try our all new, all natural biodegradable baking container. It has a patented base material and has been scientifically engineered. These containers are made primarily from annually harvested natural raw materials i.e. starches and a small percentage of natural fibers which makes them compostable, biodegradable and sustainable.

Hand.lift shot.1Simply go through your pie dough process, place your pie dough in our pan then you can either place it in your freezer to freeze it or place it directly into the oven for baking. It’s that Simple. With a few adjustments to your normal baking temperature (5 to 10 degrees) you can produce a much cleaner tasting, chemical and metallic toxin free product. (Steam is the only by-product)


  • Thermal Resilience: freezer to oven tolerance from -30°F up to 420°F
  • Dual oven able: fully microwavable and conventional oven ready
  • Excellent insulation properties: hot items do not require wraps to touch or retain heat
  • No plastics used
  • Non-stick coatings option
  • Strong continence
  • Custom sizes, shapes
  • No colors additives
  • Compostable – biodegrades in 10 days in a commercial compost environment, 40 days (or less) outdoors

Bio also gives your customers the opportunity to contribute to the much needed earth friendly recycling movement in many of our communities. Just drop it right in your compost bin after use. Our all natural bio-degradable baking container will break down in 35-40 days… it’s that simple. We are encouraging you, to encourage your customers to get involve and make the healthier choice.

It’s Sweet to Do Your Part.


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Because of the many request for Our New Biodegradable Baking container, we are making it available to entrepreneurs who are producing a Supreme Product for their customers.